Media Release – 2015 RAT Ride

Media Release 19-May-2015

Announcing the 2015 RAT Ride (Ride Against Tacks)

On June 7, 2015 a 24 hour endurance ride will be undertaken on the Kew Boulevard.

The ride will commence at 7:00AM on Sunday June 7 and conclude at 7:00AM on Monday June 8.

Participating cyclists will ride continuously along the Kew Boulevard, stopping only for meal breaks and bathroom breaks.

The ride has three objectives:

  1. To demonstrate that the cowardly tack attacks will not deter Melbourne cyclists from using the Kew Boulevard.
  2. To continue raising awareness of the tack attacks within the community of Boroondara and the broader community of Melbourne.
  3. To continue pressuring Boroondara council, Vic Roads and Victoria Police into acting on the remedies sought at the May 3 protest ride and in particular, the installation of surveillance cameras on the Kew Boulevard.

Over 50 cyclists have so far registered to participate and many of the cyclists who attended the May 3 protest ride are expected to ride with participants in support throughout the day.

Ride organizer Mr George Mihailides has arranged for the Boulevard to be swept during the afternoon of June 6 to ensure participants and supporters are not put at risk of puncturing during the event.

Phone: 0428 457 198



  • Johnny Regan

    Great work George and all involved. Lost count of how many punctures I have got over the last 18 months. Will be down to support and ride with you guys over the weekend. Do you need any assist on the day or can I bring food refreshments for you guys?

    Keep up the good work


    • Yoda

      Hi Johnny

      Note the ride starts @ dawn on Sunday. Our base of operations is the car park used by the golfers at the top of Walmer. Google map is here:

      We will be doing somewhere around 35-40 laps of the Boulie..from the car park through to Chandler Hwy and back!.

      We are pretty well setup for food/drinks etc…but if you have time, come and roll a few laps with us.

      Look forward to seeing you there.


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