Stop the tacks on Kew Boulevard – enough is enough !

The Kew Boulevard is one of Melbourne’s most popular cycling locations. In January of 2014, someone who clearly doesn’t like cyclists started dropping tacks into the bike lanes.

At first, we groaned and assumed it was a one off/temporary situation. Months later, as tacks kept appearing, it became apparent that the perpetrator was on a mission to stop cyclists using the Kew Boulevard altogether.

Cyclists were/are getting punctures and sometimes crashing. Worse, many cyclists knowing that there are tacks in the bike lanes, choose to ride on the main road surface to avoid them. Not only does this irritate motorists but it also creates a potentially lethal situation.


On Sunday May 3, 2015 over 1000 cyclists participated in a protest ride along the Kew Boulevard.


Facebook Group: Stop the Tacks

George Mihailides