Media Release 21-October-2015

22 October 2015

Media Release

Kew Boulevard Tack Attacks

Stop the Tacks Protest Ride

Date & Time: Sunday 8 November, 10:00am

Location: Corner of Walmer Street & Yarra Boulevard, Kew


Almost two years after tacks were first thrown onto the road surface of Kew Boulevard, the perpetrator remains at large and continues to act with impunity.

Protest organiser George Mihailides said: “Surveillance cameras sought at the May 3 protest ride have not materialized”.

“VicRoads has abandoned daily sweeping of the Boulevard after what can only be described as a stunningly successful trial,” Mr Mihailides added.

“In recent weeks, the frequency of attacks has increased and disturbingly, a cyclist has been seriously injured”.

The cyclist crashed following a puncture, smashing his head on the road side curb and was attended to by a MICA unit, who then took him to a hospital where he was treated for a bleed on his brain.

Whilst a tack was not conclusively implicated, the puncture occurred in a spot where other cyclists had punctured due to tacks in the minutes before the crash.

“This incident does serve to highlight the dangers punctures pose to cyclists. No one should trivialize this issue. Cyclists are at risk of serious injury and death”.

“Making matters worse, there are recent confirmed reports of motorists menacing and threatening those cyclists who choose to ride on the main road surface as opposed to the shoulder to avoid tacks.

These events are a realization of the cycling community’s most serious concerns”.

As a result, cyclists are returning to the Kew Boulevard for a 2nd protest ride on Sunday November 8 at 10:00AM. A Sunday has been chosen to minimize the disruption to motorists.

The remedies sought by the protest ride are the installation of surveillance cameras and a return to daily sweeping of the Kew Boulevard until such time as the perpetrator is apprehended.

Media Enquiries:

George Mihailides 0428 457 198

John Myers on 0409 215 120


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