Back to the Boulie we go!

Over the past 3 weeks there have been two serious accidents on the Kew Boulevard caused by front wheel punctures.

A MICA unit attended the first cyclist after he crashed on the downhill section of road just above Yarra Street. He smashed his head on the concrete curb.

The second victim ended up in hospital with a brain bleed.

Six months after the last protest ride, almost nothing has changed. Vic Roads trialled daily sweeping and have since abandoned it. We still don’t have surveillance cameras installed. After a lull in tack attacks, the perpetrator is back and acting more frequently than ever before and with obscene impunity.

On November 8, I am asking you to join us for a 2nd protest ride. We had over a 1000 cyclists last time. We need *more* to turn up this time. Vic Roads, Vic Police and the Boroondara Council MUST be made to feel the heat.

Please join us and please pass the word on to everyone you know. Lets make this a massive spectacle and let the resulting adverse media force the authorities into doing what needs to be done.

You will find details of the protest ride here:

and/or on Strava Group here:

If you are on Facebook, please join Facebook Group “Stop the Tacks” here:


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