Protest ride – Important information…

Meeting point, date and time

+ Dickinson Reserve, the corner of Walmer Street and Kew Boulevard.  Sunday May 3, 2015. 8:30AM

General information

+ Remember this is a peaceful protest. Any act of aggression would not only be hypocritical, it would also serve to undermine our purpose.

+ We will ride at a very slow pace. Its a protest, not a race. I know there are some amazing cyclists amongst you but cyclists of all abilities will be attending and we don’t want the group to splinter. Riding together is symbolically important; we are speaking with one voice.

Parking and amenities

+ Click here to see a visitors guide of the Yarra Bend Park facilities. It includes nearby parking locations and bathrooms.

Safety matters

+ Please fit and operate a rear flashing red light if you have one.

+ The road is NOT closed for the ride. The police have given us permission to use the left hand side of the road. Anticipate traffic coming from the opposite direction and DO NOT cross onto the right hand side of the road under any circumstance. We will have police escort vehicles both to the front and rear of us.

+ Keep a safe distance to the cyclist in front of you, to your left and your right.

+ And keep your eyes on the road in front of you watching for slowing/stopping cyclists and/or other hazard.

+ Try to avoid overtaking. This is not a race. If you find yourself isolated from your friends, use the opportunity to introduce yourself to someone and make a new friend.

+ Control your speed at all times. There are some downhill sections along the route. Use your brakes to control your speed.

Don’t act like a hooligan

+ By all means, enjoy a conversation with the cyclists around you but please do not yell and scream. Unnecessary noise will only irritate local residents. Their support may ultimately prove critical to getting the tacks stopped.

If I get a puncture..

If you puncture, please take the following action:

+ Stay calm.

+ Verbally  notify the riders around you (“puncture”) that you have punctured and let them put a hand up to notify riders behind you.

+ Do not take your hands of your handlebars to signal you have a puncture. We don’t want anyone experiencing a crash and keeping two hands on your handlebars will help you keep control of your bicycle.

+ Roll to a stop and dismount.

+ Repair your puncture on the footpath, not on the road. Look for one of the three Council installed repair stations or a TFM (The Freedom Machine) rider for assistance and a replacement tube if you need one.

If someone around you gets a puncture..

+ Speak up (“puncture”) so those immediately around you know that someone has a puncture.

+ If you can safely control your bicycle with one hand, put the other up in the air so those following are warned that a cyclist is stopping. Ride around the slowing cyclist and keep going (unless its you wish to render assistance!).

The hills are a little too tough for me..

+ If you find some of the hills on the boulevard a little too steep to get over, don’t worry. Pull up to the side of the road, allow the bunch to ride past and return back to the start at your own pace. By being there on the day, you have made your point!

Above all, enjoy the ride. I look forward to seeing you there.



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